Vertica is a production facility set up by me, Nicki Casey. I specialise in TV and radio commercials, music videos, brand films and generally anything under 2mins! I am a freelance producer but occasionally clients need a full service agency or production service which is where Vertica comes in. I deal with all aspects of production and have an amazing contacts list so I can pull in the right people for the job. This includes: consulting, concept, script writing, agency production, clearcast admin, celebrity contracts and negotiation, post production and final delivery. So if you’re an agency in need of an experienced producer, a client in need of a full production service or a prod co who needs a freelancer / fixer then please don’t hesitate to call...


It was a pleasure working with Nicki. I found her to be honest, reliable, hard-working, efficient and sound of character. Nicki performs incredibly well in a high pressure & critical environment. All deadlines were met without problem and we produced great commercials at amazing prices. I look forward to working with Nicki in the future.

Noel Davis, Head of Marketing.


Nicki gets the job done. Simple as that. You tell Nicki that you want a day's underwater shoot at Pinewood, and you get a day's underwater shoot at Pinewood. You want X and you’ve only got Y? Nicki gets you X for Y with a little bit of Z thrown in. Big budget, small budget, Nicki is the bee’s knees.

Mark Williams, Creative Director.